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Through its legal activities Pakistan Blasphemy Law aims to strengthen the voice of religious minorities as well as majority Muslims falsely accused of blasphemy offences in Pakistan. We will also seek and to advocate for criminal justice reform in the country. Our initial aim is to stop the misuse of the existing blasphemy law. However we believe that the law should ideally be repealed or at least amended.

Our work is targeted at three priority areas:
1. Undertaking research on the blasphemy law and how it is misused
2. Supporting other organisations and institutions that are addressing the issue
3. Providing professional support to the judiciary in Pakistan

Pakistan Blasphemy Law undertakes research on the blasphemy law and its misuse. We do this to support evidence-based advocacy work for those accused, in line with international human rights law.

We believe that the full scope of this problem must be understood – the nature of the blasphemy law, how it is implemented, and additionally how it is currently misused – to effectively advocate for change.

We will be producing detailed reports and shorter briefings on specific issues to support awareness-raising work. All our reports are written by qualified experts in the field.

Working in partnership
Pakistan Blasphemy Law works in partnership with other organisations and institutions. We support and encourage governments, regional organizations and UN experts to address issues surrounding the blasphemy law in Pakistan. With the support of these bodies, we urge the Government of Pakistan to adopt policies which provide protection to people accused of committing blasphemy.

Providing professional support
We also build judicial capacity to deal with the misuse of the blasphemy law. Through professional advice and training aimed at judicial bodies in Pakistan we intend to educate judges, prosecutors, lawyers and police about their obligations to offer a fair trial, under international human rights law, either through online courses or on-the-ground training.

We offer a selection of materials available to read online or download for free.

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Join the coalition:
Under Pakistan’s blasphemy law, if you are said to have insulted the Prophet Mohammed you can face the death penalty. No proof of the offense is required.

Today the law is mainly being used to settle personal vendettas and persecute Pakistan’s minority religions, who are accused disproportionately.

Join a worldwide coalition of churches, NGOs and organisations committed to ending the abuse of the law. Together our voices can be heard more clearly – it is time for change!


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