Latest Message This Christmas, please pray from Christians in Pakistan who have been falsely accused of Blasphemy.

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Coalition Against Misuse of the Blasphemy Laws is an international coalition with a common aim: an end to the way Pakistan’s blasphemy law is currently being abused.

Along with opportunities to advocate for change, we will provide key legal resources regarding the Coalition Against Misuse of the Blasphemy Laws and its status in international law. Also we will keep you updated on all developments as the future of the Blasphemy Law is discussed, within Pakistan and around the world.

The coalition was founded by the Christian charity CLAAS, who have dedicated to helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan since 1998. We have been offering legal assistance to those accused of committing blasphemy and, when necessary, giving safe refuge to those in fear of reprisals.

However, Coalition Against Misuse of the Blasphemy Laws is open to both religious and nonreligious organisations, including both Christians and Muslims, who feel the law should not be abused in this way.

The voice of opposition grows louder every day. Together, change is possible.

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Pakistani court acquits 20 men accused of torturing and killing Christian couple Shama and Shahzad

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Pakistani Christian facing death sentence for blasphemy acquitted

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Blasphemy-related violence continues

Kaleem Dean The faith fueled blasphemy canon took another innocent life when Sarir Ahmed, Principal of Islamia Colleg... read more

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Blasphemy in the 21st century

Our political leadership should at the very least prevent the misuse of these laws — if, that is, it is committed to p... read more

by admin -29th December 2017
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